Weddings ! When the wedding bells rings it clings magical moments of cheer to a bride, she knows it is the most important day in her life. It is every bride’s dream to like a princess on her I do, day. A bride will turn every page and parcel to enhance and accentuate her looks for her special day. For she realizes all eyes are going to be on her and it is a joy of beginning a new fairy tale life for her. With utmost care she will keep a magnified eye on almost every intricate to make this day to be remembered always.

From the destination, flowers, color themes, menu, cakes and above all the bridal look. Her accessories the best of the available for her gown, shoes, flowers, and her hair. The hair is the crown of a bride, and all eyes fall on hair. Hairstyles thus importantly contribute to be a well discussed and well experimented part of the wedding plans.

There are a host of hairstyles, thanks to all the brides who wanted to look different than everyone else and wanted to look like a show stopper on her d day, they all have contributed to bring forth different hair style patterns. Needless to say, the help of a wedding hairstylist has created very unique wedding hairstyle. Today we enjoy choosing from so many available styles.

There are a lot of things that go into deciding the hairdo of a bride. But whatever be the styling it’s important to choose something that is comfortable and that defines that bride by accentuating her looks. It is recommended to take professional hairstylists services to create that magical hairstyle.

It is recommended to meet the hair stylist well ahead of the wedding day, a nice discussion about a bride to be likes and then the wedding theme-like if it is a church wedding , destination wedding or theme based wedding, the type of the gown that the bride has chosen , the kind of flowers being used and the bridal bouquet. The stylist also take a look into the bride’s hair length, volume, texture, the shape of the bride’s face and then draws plans of hairstyles for the bride to choose.

A stylist will also put forth his opinion on what will look best on the bride. There are several possible options it could include – crowns, combs, cap, hat, wreath, veil.  Then to choose between how to wear the hair up or down, which way to do it -straight, wavy, curled.

Hairstyle Accessories

Putting the hair up can are a formal look, combs and veils can do well with any hairstyle. A curled up bun can be elegant. To look for bridal headpieces studded with pearls, stones, small white beads -there can be a lot to look at before a decision is arrived for a headpiece wreath, or should it be anything else customized headpieces with wedding-appropriate materials.

To gather secures the hair with elastic after gathering it to the top back of the head. An elegant ponytail for that neat, tidy comfortable bride, to section the hair and bun it up a section and securing it with an elastic band and leaving the second part to be sectioned and curled. The curl iron and firm it with a form hairspray to create that pretty look.

The short hair brides also have a lot to choose from. The long hair brides can choose to straighten, curl it, or makes it wavy to make waves on the wedding day; any headpiece should do the job to give that gorgeous look. The stylist is at call to draw the hairstyle plans for the bride to be, but the bride knows the best! As all eyes draw on her on the wedding day.

The time required to style hair on the wedding day is also a very important factor, there can be a lot of time involved in hair do and as such wedding day, after choosing the hairstyle and sourcing the hair accessories the stylist has to importantly determine the amount of time required to get the hairdo.

It is required to be set aside this time by the bride for the hairdo,  the complexity of the hairstyle, length of the hair, the accessories used to beautify the hair, lace, petals, lacy headband , white stones or studded hair pins they can also decide upon the time required for styling the hair. The brides knows the importance of this time as she knows hair is the center of her attention and people will talk about her looks and hair.

Brides around the world have mesmerized the wedding attendees by their look. Hairstyles have all the way gained attention. With time the wedding hairstyles have been developed to a very significant requirement, that the service of a wedding hairstylist or a professional has become a much sorted one. It has also become a challenge and  in a big way this matters to a stylist that he or she is all geared and equipped to get that look of being unique, elegant, fabulous and he resorts nothing less than making a brides hair the crown of her beauty.

The brides know that the wedding pictures and moments will be a precious possession for a lifetime. It creates ripples of joy in her to see her beauty at the best in her wedding pictures. It will then become a great treasure of throwback pictures for a lifetime with her wedding moments.

Oh! She looked like a fairy tale bride, said an old granny on her way back attending the wedding. It is the hairstyle that sets the title for a bride – the glamorous bride, the fairy tale bride, elegant bride, the classic bride, the modern bride, the chic bride.

The hairstyle is thus a very important part of a wedding story! A crown for the time ahead a headpiece for a lifetime to cherish. A bride knows the best and she chooses it wisely.

14 Awesomely simple Hairstyles For This Wedding Season


Perfectly Me Simply The Best. 

The perfect wedding look, for an elegant, church wedding bride. The hairpiece studded white stones almost like a winter flake compliments the hair well. The simple look for the I do, day is just perfect -nothing else can describe it more. Hairstyle by @hairbyhannahtaylor


For The Spring In Me, Let The Flowers Do The Taking. 

The wavy curls hairdo that is let loose at the back, is just the perfect picture of a garden wedding bride. The rare shades of button little flowers and title stem on it is a perfect shape. The headpiece made with the natural flowers is very classy and much in trend these days. Hairstyle by @la_chia_headpieces

To Step In Those Woes Forever . Just The Best!

Just perfect to make those wedding woes. A beautiful hairstyle , pinned up to a loose bun and studded you a little crystal headpiece to elevate the beauty of a bride’s glam. A wedding appropriate style. Hairstyle by @andreamizzihairandmakeupartist


Mystic Beauty Of A Bride In Flowers And Veil.

A mistic charming hairstyle with a unique style, much suited for an outdoor wedding. The floral crown and veil well complement each other, giving the bride a magical misty look. The bride looks charming through the veil. Hairstyle by @katyavalentinahair


Defining Me.

Timeless beauty, capture with a low locked style. This is simple, stunning and to stay forever look . Hairstyle by @amedeodimeohair


The Beautiful Inside, The Beautiful Outside.

Interesting designed and well done hair for a beautiful bride. For all the attention all set to grab the attention ,getting ready to walk down the aisle.Hairstyle by @ivy_note_bridal_studio


Sea Of Life And Shells Of Happiness.

Perfectly set hairstyle, to set foot on the sand and takes the wedding woes with the waves applauding besides, the bride is all set to make the entrance for the beach wedding. The hairstyle is just the apt to make it to the beach wedding.The headpiece is all from the sea and compliments it well. Hairstyle by @jenniferthomsonhair 


As I say, I Do, On The Sands

Welldone hair, from the hair color to the loose curls and the way it is set, it gives a mermaid hair look with braids and stars of shells and flowers of shells and pearls to enhance the beauty of it, perfect for a seaside or beach wedding. Simple and still the hair makes a definition and says it all. Hairstyle by @stormemakeupartist


From The Gardens.

A beautiful hairdo with , neatly pulled up bun, the expertise of a professional stylist, yet keeping it simple and the Blue purple Dendrobium is giving it the catch. Classy yet colours. All from the nature. The hair strands pulled out from the sides gives definition to the hairdo. Hairstyle by @st_bridalmakeup


Form The Simple Me Inside

A short hair, well set, well suited for a wedding day, the stylist has done an exemplary job and the curls and strands are going a great justice to the hairstyle. Very natural and yet poise and cool look that can raise brows to call it a ‘wow’ Hairstyle by @minnie_makeupartist3428


Crowned With Studs Of White Stones

She looks a from a fairy tale wedding bride. So perfectly worked on hair which will leave all the heads turned to look for it again, the stylists will be soon asked for by a to be bride for he or she has done a perfect job with the hair, the beauty for the bride is enhanced by folds. And cheers for the perfectly planned hairstyle and the job well done.the hairpiece is very unique , keeping it light and in line with the style. These hairstley are always a hit as it takes on the aisle. Hairstyle by @cocoonmakeupandhair


Charming All The Way! 

A perfect style for doing the wedding woes, this side swept long wedding hairstyle is just perfect for Church wedding and as it takes down the aisle it will. The style unique with hairdo is just simple and dependable for the big day.Classy and will leave a wow note for the brides hairstyle.Hairstyle by @morelia_bautista


The Blooms Makes A Big Say

For the beauty in you. The hairstyle is just perfect for long hairs, neatly rolled up to a loosely tied bun and leaving the low bun well set, the color of the hair and the strands looks highlighted. The headpiece of flowers and leaves do all the taking by itself. The bride has definitely carved a niche and set standards for a cool and poised look.Hairstyle by @alevelazqez


Walking Down The Aisle

This is an all time favorite picture of a perfect bride that has been a well applauded one. The high raised bun along with the veil and the stone studded head pieces did a marvel to enhance the look of the bride. The veil the head piece the hair pattern are calling to get much attention of the wedding attendees.Hairstyle by @byanka.hairdresser



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