Nails are a very crucial part of our personality. We can certainly cover up our self with the most expensive, precious and branded clothes but this would certainly won’t work until your fingertips are on fire. If you know what I mean Ị

We have a huge collection of nails full of glam and drama for all the fashion freaks out these. 

In today’s culture, our nails play a vital role in exposing our good wealth and knowledge. It’s a symbol which defines that yes, we are goinf=g along with the trend and we are pretty much aware of what’s running around the globe. Believe it or not, but it’s a FACT. 

So without any further delay lets dive into the blog and check out what we have got for you.  

Also, we wanna give credits to @merlin_nails  because this blog was in collaboration with @merlin_nails.    

Pretty Nails With Pink Shades:


These nails have a dual shade nail color. As you can see from the bottom it is a blush pink shade and then ending with a rose pink shade.  The ring fingernail has been enhanced more by giving it a nice glittery look along with that we can see the same shade of glitter been applied on the top of the index fingernail. 

The shade looks very summery and you can were this at any event. The shades of pink made this look more subtle and the little glitter used with this shade makes the overall look very fascinating.

Eyes-Popping Baby Blue Shade Pretty Nails:

This shade is often known as powder blue or baby blue color. It’s a typical medium-light shade of cyan. 

This shade goes well with every sort of complexion be it dark, dusky, fair, medium or any other shade. 

This shade will your hands a classy appearance. You need not add more finger rings or anything else, cause this shade is just everything in itself. All you need is to just through that sass.  

And wait, did you just forget that light peach shade which is been added in the ring fingernail? Isn’t it worth buying?  

If you are working or college going girl, then people will certainly watch your hands move on your laptop or your notebooks, LADIES, I BET !


Luster Pretty Nails With All Glitter And Neutral Shade:

Less glittery with perfect nude shade at the bottom on the other hand, more glittery with a swanky look at the top of the nails. 

A perfect look to go at a gala event. Even if you are wearing way too simple clothes, these nails are going to add all that glam which is been missing in your look.  A very classy and sophisticated shade of nude has been blended perfectly with the popping sparkles. Such neutral shades are the obsession of today’s generation. 

Nowadays, NUDE shade is the new BLACK.  The glitters are making the appearance of the nails way too admirably. Another great thing about the nails is their length.  The length is quite moderate and perfect for a well-cultured look.

Ballerina Cut Pretty Nails With Black Strips Patterns: 

How about this sexy Ballerina shaped nails? The shape in itself is so tempting, plus the beautiful layer of black shade is making it superior. 

I love how the Ring fingers have been adorned.  A little sparkle never hurts, so how the Ring fingers have been enhanced by using the glittery texture on those simple black patterns. 

The base of the nail is giving a pretty subtle look. The pattern on nails is made so nicely that it doesn’t feel like something is missing there with the nails.


Silver Shimmery Pretty Nails With Crystals Highlights:

Isn’t it looks like glam overflowing? I mean just have a look at these beautiful shade of silver. It looks so perfect. 

There come occasions when we need something way to shimmery yet sophisticated and royal look at the same time. 

This is the perfect nail look which one will ever need to slay a lavish party. Image yourself holding a glass of wine and others observing your nails which are slaying them all already.  So ladies, kill them with KINDNESS.  

Maybe a bit huge length of the nail could be the spoiler. The current length is flawless and very pretty. You would see some beautiful crystals applied on one of the fingers on each hand. Well, it’s just a way to make that look more characteristic.


Square Shaped Pretty Nails With Marble And Nude Shades:

Do you know what makes these nails appealing? The perfect nude with a dashing touch of marble shade. This combination has turned out into a bomb look. Very very attractive and queenly look. 

Did you see that cross made up of the golden strips? These are the tiny details that play a vital role when it comes to having a classy look. A simple yes exquisite look that goes well with just anything.

You would need not to waste your crucial time in picking up the dresses which will match your nail shade. On c’ mon Ị you will run short on time. 

Such shades are ever-green. You can simply match them with any shade of your attire. Well, that’s what called the actual beauty of the pretty nails.


Ready-To-Go Pretty Nails With Nude And Golden Shade:

It’s a pale nude beautiful shade. Such a pretty shade that looks very decent on any complexion. The beauty of such a sort of shades is that they make your hands look sleek and young. 

Moreover, it’s an effortless;y beautiful shade in itself. The look has been taking a royal turn due to the golden touch given on the ring finger. 

The Ring fingernail has not only enhanced by golden nail paint but, you would also see some pieces of crystals beautifully paste on that.

Honestly talking about these nails, they are a perfect go-to pick which would not let you down in the terms of glam and fashion.


Regal Royal Blue And Glittery Pretty Nails: 

Let’s take a moment to admire these adorable nails. These mountain peak cut of the nails look so bomb.  

It’s a combination of French look nails with nail art. 

The two fingers in each of the hands are beautifully decorated with blue tiny pearls like the thing. A beautiful dual shade of blue hand been given in the Ring finger. Apart from that the rest of the fingers are colorless and beautifully shaped. 

It’s a new way of enhancing the hands. We should never stick to a single way of applying the nail paint. It’s a nice way to try out new patterns and ways to have a broad choice of applying the shades on our nails.


Pretty Nails With Dark Maroon Shade And Some Glitter:

Add some drama in your life with this beautiful hawt maroon shade. 

The shade is so beautiful and the nails look so glossy and pretty. Such nail shades make people’s heads turn again and again. 

You can simply add golden, silver or bronze shade shimmer to any of the fingers so that it would look more fancy and high-class. 

Let your hands speak with this beautiful shade. The beauty of such shades is that they will make your hands look way too bright. Your fingers look long and young. 

To make it more swanky you can add a nice watch and a few hands accessories.

Poky Pretty Nails With Highly Royal Shades:

Doesn’t. it looks like a unicorn dropped on your nail. It’s indeed an art to maintain your hands and nails such beautifully. 

You will see have four different shades. Starting from the bottom with a light and bright shade the nail color ends with a solid and dark shade. 

The shape of the nail is kinda poky. Such nails are to die for. These are very sexy ready-to-go on a date nails. Even your expensive ring will look dull in front of these pretty nails. 

Adding a little shimmer has truly completed the entire look of the nails. One can also try to add some pearl or some shiny stones on the nail of Ring finger only if you wanna match your nails with a very posh and heavy ball gown. Otherwise, these nails are ready to slay already.


Subtle Grey Shade With Pretty Nail Cut:

Say hello to this subtle piece of art. One will certainly fall for these nails. It would be like love at first sight. 

A nice solid grey shade with a kick of golden shade added on the ring finger. The shade applied is of glossy consistency. The nails are nicely filed and the shade looks very decent with the length of the nails. 

Grey is color which gives you a quite bossy look. Your hands will look classy and pretty. Grey color has different light to dark shades. This shade is called a typical pure color. 

At any event, one can wear such a sort of shades. It will always enhance your appearance. Although it isn’t a complete shade in itself, so it would be recommended to add some hand jewelry like a bracelet or diamond rings which such shades.


Vibrant Yellow Pretty Nail Shade With A Pop Of Glitter:

A perfect radiant shade. Yellow is known for its summery look. Such bright colors add fun to your look. 

It is often seen and happens that in summers we often tend to wear something bright and light shades. This is because no one wants to carry the burden of that gaudy look with heavy and dull shades. This shade is one of the right shade of yellow very bright and decent. 

If you look at the picture, you will see that the nail shade is in gel consistency. 

It will add a fancy and kinds dramatic look to your appearance. It’s not mandatory and quite impossible in summers to wear tons of jewelry and accessories and then go to some occasion or event, these sorts of nails are always there to rescue. 

They will add the lacking designer and posh look in your entire personality.  


 Glamorous Silver Pretty Nails With Stunning Art:

If you are in a motive to be get noticed by your crush or the fellas at your work-place. well, this piece pf glam and art is going to do your job. These toned fingertips are everything. 

If you will see the Ring finer art properly, you will get to know that it’s a very fancy and full of glam art. Those waves are made up of the nail gel, along with that a sharp neon touch has been given to that art. 

Moving towards another finger, we will here see that each finger has been dynamically enhanced by beautiful different ways and shades. 

On one of the fingers, you will see a very simple yet pretty and attractive shade of silver with a smooth gel-like consistency. The other one has got some extra drama and bling with the tiny pieces of silver shiny crystals. Last but not least the middle finger has been enhanced by adding some ass on its top tip of the nail.


Beautiful And Pretty Nails With Floral Touch: 

Very pretty one of the summery yet ever-green look. With the base of the absolute classic white shade, beautifully added the floral art.

The nails are shaped very firmly and you will see that everything in the nails are of a gel-like consistency. Such nail paints dd a shiny layer on the top of the nail which made them attract others throughout. 

Bery neatly and accurately designed nails have their language. 

You will see there, how beautifully the flowers have been contrasted with the shade of base white. 

The flowers are of a kind of purple cum pink shade, aptly made which eventually is giving a flawless look. 

Also very nicely the small details like the seed of the flower, the leaves of the flowers have been made. Very neatly the small coverage nails have been added half designed flow so that it would not end up in looking gaudy or garish.


Glam Over-Flowing Neon Shade On Pretty Nails: 

It’s a neon nail shade that has been beautifully and neatly applied. It’s a gel-based shade. 

you see neon is a shade that can go well even with bright shades cloths and even with dark shades cloths.  People prefer showing off their neon shades ta night. The resin behind this is that it would be able to flaunt them properly.

Neon is a shade that shines like anything at night. This is a reason that such shades go well at night. 

The nails look very natural and nothing very sharp due to the reason that there is no such sparkle or any other art which has been added to these. 

They look pretty the way they are, that’s the beauty od a pure neon shade, they don’t need any extra effort just a single stroke of the shade is enough for them to make the heads turn at the party. 

Females of any age category can flaunt there nails and hands with such pretty shades of neon. It would never let you down.  

We hope our choice of nail art and the nail shades made your mind blow. These nail arts are very in and were too trendy. One should certainly give these look a try. 

Tell us through the comment about how do you like our blog. Also, it would be great for us to get to know through you, about what you wanna read up next. 


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