A party dress is an outfit worn specifically for a gathering. Different types of parties such as children’s parties, cocktail parties, garden parties and costume parties tend to require different dress styles. A little black dress is a classic style of women’s party dress in modern society. Maxi dresses are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a casual style during the summer. Mini dress are perfect for night out parties.

Who does not get confused when posed by the question, what to wear on a special day??  Then won’t it be a curious question if a party is ahead? Yes, as soon as an invitation has arrives, the first question next becomes, what to wear? What will be the most appropriate? Will I stand out in it? Or will I be lost in the crowd. Every woman wants to stand out, her joy knows no bounds when she turns those heads, and it’s a gala time if she is showered with compliments.  Self-designed, purchased from a store or designer wear, be it anything but the ladies out here knows nothing less than the best. The market is also thronged the market and there is an ideal one for everyone

Below are 21 very stunning party wears, looks that turned a lot of heads.

Keep it simple and going

A light tone shimmering short skin colored outfit, deep v necked with thin hanging lace is a perfect one to attend a garden wedding party. This is not overdone and is just modest in appearance and it is a wow!  dresses By@dress2party


From the fairy tales

The sky blue satin gown with pockets a best suited one for a theme based party –a fairy tale party. It is lovey and beautiful. Simple and light a good choice for an outdoor party on the grasses. dresses By@dress2party


Red on the red carpet!

So apt to walk on the red carpets, this red gown is a bold and beautiful statement and is ideal for ballroom social parties, sure to win the admiration of many. dresses By@dress2party

From the pinks

A beautiful gown so perfectly put up. Taking inspiration from different shades of pink. This dress is yes for a formal part, or a family party.dresses By@compposure

Sequin and shine

All set to hit the dance floor, the mermaid inspired blue and light purple low neck one piece suit is much a choice for a part night with lights and a performing band are a date with this.dresses By@ladonnamermaid


Black beauty

The off shoulder sparkling black dress is perfect party dress. It gets you noticed in and you stand out in the crowd and.dresses By@formaldressboutique


Perfect for an evening!

 A cute very apt for a prom party or an evening party dress the off shoulder satin top is paired with golden shimmering cut skirt is a good combination.dresses By@fashi0nlyf


Purple along the sunset

The lovely purple figure hugging outfit is always a hit. A simple design yet looks very elegant. This one can never go wrong and is must have in a party goers wardrobe.dresses By@stamenadatseva


The silver lining

The glittery extensions from this evening party dress will surely bring your way attention and party vibes. Carry this dress on yourself on a day you are looking to have fun and let your head down and dance out loud. dresses By@ferocecouture


Frills are fun

The peach frock with a highly detailed thread and bead work speaks of the dress as one with a lot of quality and finesse.  The layered frill is so light and gentle that it blends beautifully into each other effortlessly. A dress perfect for the party you have been looking forward and have been planning for a long time now!shopluu01


The White flowers

The large printed white flowers in contrast with a sequined half looks regal and works beautifully as a ballroom outfit. The shiny sequined half will bring out the joy and is guaranteed to have its shining moments.dresses By@lieblingsstil



This black see through material gives off the boldness and yet the flowers bring in the playful and lively side of this effortlessly gorgeous party dress. Dance, sing, chat and go happy and feel alive in this fun dress for any party.dresses By@serendipitychicau


It’s a date

Whether it’s the special night with a date or one with your gang of close friends this black dress with a lace fans in the warmth and fun. The dress brings out the sharp yet the fun side of you at same time while you are lost into dinning and chatting away! dresses By@missrunwayboutique



Drop gorgeous into rooms and with this bright red satin dress. A ballroom dance, prom night or your friend’s wedding party will be memorable in pictures and experience. Red beholds the memory, a young and powerful energy to carry along in the attire.dresses By@jaimelamod


Its dazzle time

Pick this shiny and light design to wear to party that says lights and music. The material will beautifully bring out unique and vibrant colours as you have fun and enjoy another beautiful night!dresses By@fashionfactorygallery


The printed cocktail

Enjoy a fun night with this effortlessly comfortable and light printed dress. The print is an abundance joy of exotic and rare flowers, a virtue to arouse curiosity while it equally spells out fun and bright vibes.dresses By@fashionfactorygallery


The drapery

This single uncut piece of satin set in aqua green is rich in its design, appeal and material. A party dress that you can wear at any social gathering and be equally fun and elegant at the same time. The design is minimal but high in substance, empowering you along with the same fine qualities! dresses By@fashionfactorygallery


The trailblazer

Give the evening dress a powerful feel with this stylish trail. A gentle material that copies and follows your slightest movements and perfect to take to a party where you want to take lead and be center stage!dresses By@fashionfactorygallery


The mustard muse

This material of drapery will flow and adhere to you body’s frame and make the perfect companion to a fun windy terrace party or the one where you want to twirl and have fun. The mustard element invites a natural charm and boldness in every room it goes!dresses By@fashionfactorygallery


Shades of Grey

Let the grey and the glittering side of you take you to party. This beautifully cut symmetrical design will play brilliantly in the lights of every kind of gathering.dresses By@arinbeyazit


Stun the summer

A perfect yellow that lets you light the life of every party. A dress that is chic and well fit that eases into a playfull and joyous vibe!dresses By@theclothingrental


Careful consideration goes into the choosing a dress for a party.

Dressing appropriately is important, there are color codes you can’t wear a black dress to a wedding, and it has to a black dress at funeral meet. Find the best for those costume parties, or color theme based parties to be appropriately dressed for a party is important. Find and fit into those best designs for it is magical to be dressed perfectly in a party, and to be complemented is a satisfaction. So what are you waiting?

Hope you found this read about party dress interesting. As you have now read this completely -Did you find it helpful? We would love to hear from you, send us your take, your like and dislikes about party wears, your comments are valuable and are awaited.




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