You know that Halloween takes place on the last day of October, but here’s something you might not realize: the term itself simply means “hallowed night” and was previously known by early European celebrators as All Hallows ‘ Eve. All Hallows ‘ Eve (October 31) and All Saints ‘ Day (November 1) all paid homage to the saints(‘ hallows’= saints). Eventually, the name was shortened to “Halloween,” which we know and love to this day.

History of Halloween Costumes and Trick-or-Treating

Most people were told to dress up as saints or read songs and scriptures from door to door. Children would also go from door to door looking for “soul cakes,” a biscuit-like snack. Technical note: Soul Cakes began as part of the All Saints Day holiday on the 2nd of November, which later became part of the Halloween night as the idea developed into a trick-or-treat. The candy-grabbing theory also became popular in the U.S. in the early and mid-1900s, where parents would provide kids with therapies so that they would be resistant to any holiday pranks.

As for the costumes, they have also evolved. Although they started as solemn tributes to the saints, the custom naturally fell out of favor at some stage… until the young Scottish and Irish pranksters had the concept of dressing up in a creepy-looking garb again as a way to frighten innocent neighbours. And just like that, due to these neighborhood hooligans, Halloween costumes are scary, frightening, amusing, so imaginative all at the same time.

Halloween Makeup Ideas and Artists

The wearing of masks for Halloween can came from the assumption that supernatural beings, or the spirits of the deceased, are roaming through the world at this period.

Even if you hate horror movies, you can’t hate Halloween, particularly if you’re a beauty addict. In reality, the highlight of the year is the only time when it’s necessary to adorn our heads with intricate designs, special effects and plenty of face paint.

So whether you want yours to be scary with fake blood, or to perfect the stunning Halloween makeup of your family, or to follow in the footsteps of the iconic Halloween costumes so pay tribute to your hero, we have all the motivation you want. Plus, there are thrillers reaching the big screen this month that act as the perfect catalyst for Halloween transformation.

Let’s look at the innovative inventions of few talented people who have given their energy, hard work and imagination to become the best Halloween makeup artists.

L I S S Y P I N K 1 0

She is one artist who gives life to her innovations. Lissy pink 10 Halloween makeups are much spoken about and very real. She not only specifies on facial makeup but also on body makeup. The plus point with this artist that she is a self-taught artist. Everything that she conceives and creates are all through her imagination and thought process. With her commitment and her enthusiasm she has reached the top list of Best Halloween Makeup artists.

Below are few of her creations that really takes us to the festival of Halloween!

Cracked Doll –  “Sometimes the world of the living gets mixed up with the world of the dead.

Easy and cute but also very creepy ! What do you guys think?”

Here is an art work of a cracked doll that shows how the present world we are living in gets blended with the other world so easily. Very scary yet easy and free.

Which Side would you choose? Alive or Dead?

This shows  sides of the world, living and dead. The makeup is so perfectly done showing the combination of alive and death and asking to choose between them. The work of art showing Lion King, the King of the jungle brings in life to the makeup. Properly done keeping in mind every intricate detail and giving life to every piece of information.

Totally bloody Mary, the makeup is out there and scary. It is also subtle but lets out the vibe of Halloween.

The burned face is surely scary and freaky but done so faultlessly that is just looks so real. Hre creativity and perfection are unmatched.

Here is the Neon Pink Skull look which gives a very modern yet Halloween feel with the projection of the teeth. Use of best cosmetic products with the right tools, you can do wonders and bring in the best.


Here is another artist who has given her time to perfect her body painting skills and do something creative. luveKat is from LA and is a Mermaid, Body Painter, Fantasy & SFX Makeup artist. Her creations are very out loud and spooky. She uses a lot of colors and color combinations that makes the scenario perfect for Halloween.

Giving a very wicked look with a smile, the makeup is bright and creepy. Use of loud and florescent  colors is her specialty.

If you were inspired by the blank sugar skull trend, why not try this dark queen inspired version?

Halloween all the way. This can’t get any better. Luvekat has used every possible prop that can be ever thought off and created this look. No works less than amazing can be provided to this.

The reindeer that had issues, put forth so simply and beautifully and yet perfect for Halloween.

Totally freaky but importance given to every detail. Each and every point and every color combination is designed and painted accurately.


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