Santa Muerte Young Girl with Artistic Halloween Makeup and with Sculls in her Hair

What’s up, everyone? Did you notice that we have already crossed more than six months of the year 2019? Booooomm Ị

So, have you started planning for the Halloween party?

If you want and you are looking for the never-ending easy-peasy ideas then, you can immensely trust on ‘gram. Nowadays Instagram is being way too versatile. Its scope is super dynamic. It will serve you ‘n’ numbers of options related to any topic and matter any sort of thing.

You just name it Ị from clothing to footwear and even amazing lifestyle updates Instagram will always get your back. With the motive to serve you superb options and ideas based on Halloween theme we have designed a collection based on numerous styles and ideas for Halloween which will help you pick your exclusive look for the Halloween party, so that you would stand apart from the crowd with your revulsive and horrifying makeup.

So let’s scroll down to dive into the marvelous collection of

Halloween makeup ideas.

3D Halloween Makeup Look Which Will Help You Look Hilarious:

I bet Ị You will squeeze your eyes while going through every single detail of this 3d Halloween makeup.

This is such a fun makeup look. The major color pooping here is Black, Brown, and Yellow.

You can make this art on either side of your face. Here is the pic was given to give a quick easy idea of how you will end up looking like.

All you need to do is to give a dense heavenly smoky look to either side of your eye and then show the creativity skills which you possess and draw some kinky makeup look which will make everyone go terrified.

You are served here 2 simple patterns. In one, you have to hide your mouth part of the face and your lips and teeth won’t be visible.

In another one, you need to enhance your forehead with the help of the same shades.

Did you notice that all the 3 shades are dark and dense? This will help you give a more intimidating look.

The makeup look idea credit goes to @artbymazz.

Halloween Makeup Easy Look With Beautiful Shades:


Give some priority to your neck portion so you look way too scary that’s what this Halloween makeup easy look is conveying.

This look can be called as the aqua look. You will see how neatly the neck has been enhanced just by using the shade of black and white. It looks like the legs of octopus have been attached with a devil face.

You will also see a snake popping out from one side of the shoulder. Some water insects have been also drawn. This look is seriously worth admiring. It’s a very beautiful piece of art. It has a perfect blend of drama, extremely dense shades and details are just mind-blowing.

If you will go up, your eyes will be stuck on the dramatic eyes of the picture. It is amazing. The bottom artificial lashes have made this entire look go perfect. The sides of the face and neck have also been given a major touch of green algae or say water grass. The lip shade has also opted wisely because a single mistake of the shade can just crash down the whole look.

Last but not the least the beautiful highlights down with the shade of white, purple and green is what giving the entire look a devilish and horror look.

Kudos to @eviethemua for sharing the beautiful idea.

Halloween Makeup With A Superwoman Touch Look:


Did your brain just ask that is it even real? Well, yes it is Ị it may initially look like that the picture is edited but no, that’s what call the beauty of makeup. It can end up giving you a beautiful look which you could not even think of.

This superwoman makeup look is going to set serious goals for Halloween. It truly looks like a pop art makeup done pretty neatly.

So this Halloween transforms yourself into a devilish superwoman. Yes, you heard it right. Superwoman with a devil look. Contour your face, apply bold yet chic lip color, grab some makeup shades to give a superb highlight touch and bold those brows.

When Halloween comes around don’t opt to silly way too common ideas. Instead of looking scary you will certainly end up looking funny. So girls don’t let this happen.

The credit for the extremely horror Halloween makeup look goes to @its__christina__ .

Wild Cat Pretty Halloween Makeup Look:

Baffle them with this kinky devil look. Make them wonder what your theme is. A wild cat, tiger or a panther.

When it comes to the overall look, not only your makeup plays a crucial part, but so as your hair are important. As you can see the style here is done with all as a cat look.

You can apply all your skills while doing a kickass makeup but you need to know who you would set up your hair.

Makeup credit goes to @halloween_makeup_kiev.

Floral Pretty Halloween Makeup:  


What should we name it as? A divine evil? Or a wicked beauty? Complicated enough Ị

The look is beyond unique unlike the name of the theme. It’s pretty and scary at the same time, as the title suggests the look is a pretty Halloween makeup. The tiara made up of the white flowers symbolizes peace and bliss. On the contrary, the entire makeup look is giving a new revolution to the horror makeup look.

From the beginning to the end the sense of intimating makeup has been balanced.

We loved how the beautiful yet scary crown for the forehead has been drawn. Coming down below to the eyes, honestly, the eye makeup of this look is the heart of this entire themed makeup.

It is impressive how the eyes have been enhanced to give a dense scary and intimidating look. The chin with the prefect perfect flower at the center and scary strings on both of the sides are completing the look.

Shoutout to the @halloween_makeup_kiev who has posted this epic Halloween look.

Touch-Me-Not, Halloween Makeup Idea:


This ain’t a lie but the look says like- Touch me not or else you will dare to welcome me with these bloody devil horns.

The entire look seems to be real. The makeup done is so surreal and entirely clean. You will see no mess around any corner of this look. The cheekbones have been made more sleek and eye-catchy with the help of highlighter added with few particles of shimmer. The touch of running blood around the horns make it look more real. To give a more solid look with a touch of fear the eyes have been perfectly blended with the maroon and dark brown shade.

God knows ‘bout others, but for us, this look is damn scary.

The credit for this look goes to @halloween_makeup_kiev.

Scary Skeleton Halloween Makeup With Easy Look:


It is a skeleton / witchy look. A real witch with messy open hair and scary teeth all set to make another part of the movie Twilight.

Two major shades are used to make this entire horror look.

The other thing which you will be required to complete this look would be a different sort of makeup brush.

Though this look seems to be way easy hello Ị you need to be very cautious while drawing all the necessary details of this look. Needless to say that the attention-drawing element of this look is the eyes and the lips section of the face.

The cheeks have been also added some touch of fear with the help of black shade.

Kickass efforts made by @halloween_makeup_kiev.

 Third-Eye Horrified Halloween Makeup:


We all have heard of third-eye yoga, third-eye chakras and so on. But have you ever a horrified look made with a spiritual element. Well, this is what makes this look so different and unique from others.

Through sass and horror with this amazing third-eye h=scary Halloween makeup look.

Honestly can’t differentiate between the original and makeup drew lenses. Could you? I am sure you couldn’t.

Highlight popping from all the edges looks perfect.

Also, the color option opted for the look is mind-blowing. Guess no other color than this perfect shade of green can serve you this amazing dense and scary look.

Apart from the thrilling jawline enhancement do not forget to praise the neck which is flaunting like anything.

The credit for this artistic look goes to @halloween_makeup.__

Scary To The Core Yet Pretty Halloween Makeup Look: 


What comes to your mind when we say a pretty witch? Well, this pretty Halloween look is exactly what called a pretty witch makeover.

Take a moment to notice these beautiful roses which are of maroon color. We guess they are enough to make you scare in a Halloween party, if not then let’s know more about this look.

This look is quite scary and has given a touch of a skull on a side of the face.

Maybe this could be named as tow faced person, only if we are making sense.

Well, the look is quite subtle, less messy and could be made quickly. We can’t call it an ordinary look since they make overdone here in this theme is extremely kickass. Where only one eyebrow is visible, the other one has been covered with a dark shade to give a proper scary skull look.

And yes, look at the stitches on all over the lips and the going beyond on the single side of the cheek. Ain’t they look surreal?

Credit for this look goes to @halloween_makeup.__

 Perfect Devil 3D Halloween Makeup Look:

This is a perfect Halloween look with some solid and bold shades and extremely unique look.

A flawless devilish vibe looks all you need to slay your party. It is brainstorming a scary look since the eyes section has been enhanced so well that even a person standing in the sunlight can get scared.

You can add a few hair accessories like a poky black hat or a stick with you which will complete your Halloween look.

This look will certainly turn the scary nightmares true of all the people present at the party.

Not only the look is very real but the sharp details which have been added to this look have made it a versatile deadly makeover.

Mind blowing efforts made by @halloween_makeup.__

Breath-Taking Scary Halloween Makeup Look: 

Loved the beautiful neck assessor added to this look.

Coming back to the makeover, well, this look is called ‘wolf in sheep’s cloth’. Since the face has been divided into four equal parts. Each part of the face has a contrary look to the other. Half lips are deadly red and the other half have been made looks like the teeth of a skull or skeleton.

The eye, on the other hand, looks hot and scary at the same time.

Such looks are not only exclusive but exactly what keeps you apart from the crowd.

Makeup look credit goes to @halloween_makeup.__

Kill Them With Scary Attitude Halloween Makeup Look Easy To Make:


As we all know apart from our essential dress and makeup look, our way to carry that witchy attitude is also important. This lookout there is a perfect combination of horror and witchy attitude.

If you look closer you see the gesture of the girl which is very eye catchy and crucial to have while attending such events which has the theme of horror.

Coming back to the look- we have never seen a witch with different levels of eyebrows.

Kinda funny and intimidating at the same time. This look is certainly Halloween staple.

This scary look makeup idea credit goes to @halloween_makeup.__

Mermaid Evil Look For Pretty Halloween Makeup:

It looks like a mermaid has converted herself into a witch. Not at all digestible. But this is what Halloween looks and themes are all about. You need to look so unpredictable, sexy and most scary.

with the beautiful hairdo and an attached flower crown, this look initially looks like a fairytale look but as soon as you reach down to the face, you will get to know the darkest side of this makeover.

Loved the fact that the makeover has been flooded all over the neck. It’s mess-free and still scary.

The eyes have been painted well with the black shade. you will notice some poky twist which is made on the brows to enhance them.

Going below, the nose and c=the cheeks have painted well just like a skull or a witch with extra terrifying teeth.

Huge shoutout to @halloween_makeup.__ for this amazing look.

Heartless Barbie Witchy Halloween Makeup Look:

it’s a modern version of Annabelle. A perfect Barbie look hairdo and with a punch of witchy and evil makeup look.

Well, the slogan itself reveals what sort of look it is. A perfect blend of cuteness with horror and intimidating look. This look couldn’t be scary enough.

It looks like this character has come straight out of some American horror movie.

Tears made up with the glittery shimmer, neck bleeding out with a choker on the neck.

It’s quite a fashionable yet frightening look.

Credit for this frightening look goes to @halloween_makeup.__


Well, this was it for today’s blog. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the ideas and different theme which we displayed for you.

You can comment down below your suggestions or any sort of quire you may have.

Share the blog with your friends so help them also to know which look they should opt for this year’s Halloween party.



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