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Artificial nails, most popularly known as nails extensions are one of the trendiest things in the town.

The story of the modern manicure has had a major twist. The early 90s fashionable fake nails trend is back in the era. Getting a perfect nail enhancement has now become a leading style statement. You will see the ladies switching over the shades and style of their pretty fake nails as per their moods and outfits and why not? Maintaining fake nails are way too easy than growing the original fake nails which can even ditch you at any point of time and your hands will end up looking terrible.


So if you haven’t yet tried or step into this new fashion trend, then you must first look at our amazing collection of pretty fake nails which has been laid out considering the flow of the latest style.

Stiletto Shaped Long Fake Nails:

These long fake nails would enhance the look of your hands. The most beautiful part of such longs nails is that they make your fingers and hands look so sleek and hawt.

Every time you will see your hands, you will for sure be the first person to fall for them, that too again and again. Long fake nails not only help you to boost up your confidence but also helps in making your personality look sharp and focused. This why today every female around the globe would be seen in trend with such beautiful long fake nails.

Credit for these beautiful long fake nails goes to @fran.s.art

Pretty Long, Simple Fake Nails:


Neutral shades can never go off trend. Such shades are always the best to pick for casual days. You need not to separately pair them with a specific outfit. I mean who has such surplus time? So this is the major especially of such shades that you can combine these with any of your outfits without bothering about how they will look. And trust me you will certainly end up looking sassy.

Shout-out to @nailsbyelyze for these beautiful simple fake nails.

Ready To Slay Fake Nails Simple Looking:



What pops up in your mind when we say simple yet pretty fake nails? Well, these are what called simple fake nails goals.

No highlights, nothing specific has been done to enhance the nails still they just look so complete and elegant without putting into the extra effort. The shape is absolutely going well with the simple yet royal and decent looking fake nails.

These fake nails simple looking credit goes to @frumosnails.

Way Too Classy Fake Nails White Shade: 


If you always run short of time and face difficulty in taking out some hours to pamper your hands, then these nails out here is your solution.

Very chic fake nails of white color. All you need is some good quality of glue and white nails and you are all set. Shape them with any of your favorite style shapes. You can even add some glam to these very elegant nails by applying some crystal or shimmer on them.

These nails will always get your back.

Much love to @eshieeeyph for sharing such wonderful idea of fake nails.

Trendy Nail Designs Fake Yet Amazing Look:


How did you like this amazing blend of two beautiful bright summer shades? It feels like you are beach ready with these nails.

The blend looks so natural and beautiful. If you are a teenager or a college-going girl, then this look is made exclusively for you.

Don’t waste your time in switching the shades merely to get a good look with your clothes. These sorts of shades go very nice and subtle with western and even with indo-western clothing.  Thanks @andynailspa for sharing this trendy look.

Bold Blue Fake Nails To Set Your Look On Fire:


Blue is such a versatile shade. It is a complete color in itself. You need not add any other shade to make it look more glamorous. Specifically this bright shade of neon blue.

To give a more of a boho look you can add some funky and swaggy jewelry or accessories to your hands. A nice sophisticated watch and some rings. And hey Ị this is what exactly you need to slay your look. Blue is a color that symbolizes boldness and it goes well with sort of dress.

Out heartiest thanks to @_nailsmade for shring this beautiful ocean blue neon shade of fake nails.

Never Out Of Trend Gold Fake Nails:


Honestly, I can just grab a pair of trousers with a chic crop top and combine them with these gold nails.

It is not mandatory to wear gold fake nails only when you are heading to any gala event.

Gold is the new black. It can serve some serious fashion goals. The golden color has a perfect amount of glam mixed with some sass. It gives a very bold and charming look to the entire look of a female.

Be it a day event or a night one, golden shade will never let you down.

Huge shout-out to @xxangiix1 for sharing this swaggy and trendy pic of gold fake nails.

Never Underestimate Short Fake Nails Designs:


We know how difficult it is to maintain the long fake nails. Especially when you work whole day long and cannot just leave all of your work just for the sake of mere fake nails.


These pretty short fake nails designs have got your back. These beautiful short nails are the trendsetter. You can never say no to them. If you feel like adding more drama to your hands then you can pick some swanky, stylish jewelry and that’s it. This is all that you need to have a flawless complete classy hand.

Credit for these pretty nails goes to @jayreenails

Say Hello To New Classy White Fake Nails:


What do you do when you run out of beautiful shades? Well, you should give a try to this style. It is also called the French manicure of white nail shade.

What is more regal about these nails is their shape. Not too poky or gaudy but simply pretty and giving a perfect rich look. And for girls, it’s always a big thumb up when it comes to white. Maybe a clear all-white shade would not go that well, so just the way it is shown, you can add up some amount of shimmer or glitter or any of your choice be it golden, silver or bronze and then just apply a thin layer of transparent nail paint. And WALLAH Ị so damn gorgeous.

Thank you @color_pop_nails for giving us some serious white fake nails goals.

Sexy Fake Nails Coffin Shaped:


Initially, the poky shaped nails often known as stiletto shaped nails were used to be seen all around. But these coffin-shaped nails are now giving some serious competition.

it is basically when you don’t wanna wear something extraordinary and wanna settle some subtle look, then you can give a big try to these coffin shaped nails. They are durable and have less chance to get break easily. Easy to maintain and you can any time anywhere add some glam to these.

Shout-out to the @nailsby.jovana. for these beautiful fake nails.

Glitter Fake Nails To Overflow The Glam:  


Very subtle yet posh-looking glitter fake nails. People often co-relate glitter with a gaudy look but let me prove you wrong here.

These nails out here is a perfect example for a royal look hands. You can customize the shapes accordingly and can make slay with out putting some extra effort. These are beautiful in their way. Such sort of fake nails doesn’t require extra attention or maintenance. They will steal the show in the way they are.

Be it any occasion, these nails with a very subtle look would never let your look go flop.

A huge thanks to @sp_nails1 for sharing the beautiful look of fake nails.


Super Scary Halloween Fake Nails:

How about these? Apart from the major Halloween outfit and some swanky scary makeup add these sexy yet quite scary and trendy look nails for Halloween.

All the four nails have been painted with a basic coat of black shade. a very nice and solid shade of green has been used to add some glam scary look to the nails at the same time. Talking about the shape of the nails, it’s way too poky and looks like the hands of a witch.

If you wanna slay at your Halloween party then this piece of art out here is all that you need.

Special thanks to @lovepaintandstitches for this amazing idea of Halloween fake nails.

Fake Nails Long Design And Hot Look:

A versatile combination of neon and glitter.

Nails all covered with glitter may end up looking quite garish. These nails are perfect to through some sass and add some glam to your outfit.

You can add these nails to your casual as well as ethnic outfits. There are no such rules like you can only wear these nails to a huge gala event or some big occasions. Despite pf this, you can wear some way too casual clothes and add these fake nails to complete looks.

Thank you for sharing such beautiful piece of art @phoebesnailsandbeauty

Fake Nails Long In Pattern:

The perfect blend of neutral pink, shimmer and crystal stones. These square-shaped long beautiful nails are pretty and classy enough.

Loved the way these have been enhanced. It is surely going to complete your party look. Every shade which has been used here in this art is visible, be it pink or glitter.

One should give these a try.

Much love to @mirkaexpo8891 for shring this classy look of long fake nails.

Fake Nails Square Shaped With Bold Shade:

Black is a shade that can never be underestimated. And when this superior shade is combined with the touch of golden color, oh la la Ị this is what everyone is going to say you.

both the shades opted here are solid and this is why keeping the length of the nails short was a good choice. Everything is balanced, the shape, the look, the details, the shimmer.

Thanks for letting us adore such beautiful art @sarah_loves_roses


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