Trending Colorful Hairstyles That Are A Must Try!

Getting those greys on the head and turning it to black is from the past. The new era of trendsetters is all colorful. Name any color and get it from the spectrum. Creativity is the height of it, there are limitless possibilities of hairstyles possible with colors and there are so many fun-loving people out there, who would like to stand out, be unique, and create one’s own style statement. Colorful hairstyles are in trend creating a ripple and it speaks out loud.

The colorful hairstyle is a standout from the crowd, it speaks volume and it creates nothing more than splendid looks. 

Below are 20 colorful hairstyles that are worth trying out. 


Seven waves –colorful hairstyles from the rainbows!

This colorful hairstyle is vivid, bold and crazy. It takes an expressive feeling to bump into this one. This is to stay here. Very beautifully done in pink, dark pink, yellow, green, blue, copper sulfate blue, and violet. All the colors different from each other, but when put together is a style statement in itself. There could no reason that can stop you take a second look at this one.  Hairstyle by @fabhairbyjosh


Paint it pink-this colorful hairstyle is for the pink lovers!

The short, straight hair all done in pink. This is for a pink lover, it completes the chic look and goes well with the short hair. This colorful hairstyle is for the very lovely, lively ladies in love with this pink. Hairstyle by @raquel_strandzhair


Out of the blues colorful hairstyle

These unique color scrapes are amazing, the blues on it are much a job of an artist. This is well an escape into the blue, very stylish, a unique design, all set to put amusement. Perhaps a tick more in the must-do things –achieve a game character look. Hairstyle by @inspirehairstyles


Grey orange- being myself and expressing with colorful hairstyle

The very bold unique combination of bold and orange reflects uniqueness. The gray and orange combination is excellent and it looks very well on the hair. This colorful hairstyle is well done a piece of art. Hairstyle by @inspirehairstyles


More blue-it belongs to the blue-colorful hairstyle

This colorful hairstyle underlines and says –it belongs to blue, the blue from the skies and from the oceans. Very perfectly done hair and the color-the duo matching and complementing each other. Very beautiful and vivid. Bringing together the lagoon blue, Atlantic blue, and midnight blue. Hairstyle by @kimberlytayhair


Unbeatable-in pastel pink and black –colorful hairstyle

The black and pastel pink are at its best in this combination. A well pulled up bun studded with a white stone headpiece very well accentuates the pastel pink. This colorful hairstyle is for the chic in her. Hairstyle by @ulana.aster

Inspired from the wild colorful hairstyle 

This colorful hairstyle looks to be inspired by the wild. Thanks to the Zebra for this unique design. The colors are done very perfectly and the hair too is done. Hairstyle by @colorsmechass


Carnation pink hide and seek with the locks

The carnation pink and black complementing each other very well this colorful hairstyle is the perfect picture of a bold and beautiful woman. The hide and seek of Black and carnation pink is sure to win hearts. Hairstyle by @inspirehairstyles


Orange Sunset-Colorful hairstyle is warm

This colorful hairstyle is inspired by the sunset. The orange of the big sunset is so suited for this long sleek and straight hair.  At its best. The interesting streaks of mandarin and apricot are very well complementing each other and give the hair a well-polished look.Hairstyle by @guy_tang


Go green- colorful hairstyle that is out of the box

It’s different from the usual colorful hairstyle a well done short hair with the spring green color. It is refreshing and not very normal used shade but when you are determined to look different and it just takes you to a different feel. It is not like an easy one to spot, you can’t leave this without a second look. This shade of green as a single color on hair is just unique and is sure to put one as unique. The color and the well-done hairstyle well suit the face and they go hand in hand to impress around. Hairstyle by @paveletskaya


A colorful hairstyle –curls of pastel rainbow

Just as colorful and light as it could be. The coming together of shades of pastels and the magic of curls makes it the talk of the town. Shades of pastel pink, lilac, lavender, lagoon blue, silver and tints of turquoise, make this pattern very unique. It is daring to bring all such shades together to curls, but it just amazing the way it is. Hairstyle by @katkolors


Stunning and yellow a colorful hairstyle not to forget

The yellow color hairstyle is a very unique one, it not sotted too often and it is here not be forgotten. The bright daffodil shade is an extreme hair makeover for anyone who wants to look different from the rest. It is stunning and the best suit for those summer trend. Needless to say, this is a trendsetter. Hairstyle by @alternativegalaxy_


Colorful hairstyle inspired by the fairy tales

The hair color well suits long hair, as it is tired to a loose low bun both of it compliments each other. Hairstyle by @alexandralee1016


The colorful hairstyle of four shades

Beautifully done colorful hairstyle for four different colors. Looking elegant and pleasant.Hairstyle by @inspirehairstyles


Dual shades like two sides colorful hairstyle

Very prominent shades of blue and yellow. Stand out in the crowd, very differently colorful hairstyle. Hairstyle by @effortlyss_hair


Green and black colorful hairstyle

Obsessed with green as it looks the medium length hair is all set to impress. Looks beautiful and different from the usually seen hair colors. Hairstyle by @amber_does_mermaid_hair


Trendsetter chic look –colorful hairstyle 

So many colors together along with the hair color is magical and give out a rock star look. This includes blue, green, alpine, bright daffodil, cerise, and silver. All these shades together on the hair, make it different from the rest and indeed a trendsetter. Hairstyle by @chrissiearia


In shades of two colorful hairstyle

So different in the choice of colors, here violet and orange are brought together. By putting one half with violet and the other half in orange. A kind of unique color combination. Here to be remembered for the bright tones brought together. Hairstyle by @hairbytwisted


Volumes of pink and apricot orange colorful hairstyle

The volumes of pink and apricot orange dual tone is a unique style, brings forward a play of two colors. This can be spotted in a town of normal hair colors. Hairstyle by @lovepeacenbeautyhair


From yellow through orange to red –colorful hairstyle

Can’t miss to spot it. The bold combinations are just too bright to be missed or forgotten. The shades of three are well painted along the length of the hair. Hairstyle by @kamiiikay




There are now many experiments done with colorful hairstyles. It ranges from bold, neon, rainbow colors to pastels. Anything is possible, let out the imagination and get it done on your hair. Get inspired by anything from ‘Ariel’ in the little mermaid to ‘Avatar’ and express it on your hair. Putting a bit from fantasy and fairytales into life. Bring to hair the color schemes of your favorite superhero or get inspired by the colors of a bird feather, a ladybird or a honeybee. Be it anything segment it to create your own colorful hairstyle.

Hope you like looking at the different colorful hairstyles? Isn’t it beautiful differently? Did it help you? Let us know your comments. We look forward to reading your opinion.



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