There are so many ways to show off your holiday spirit: watching your favorite Christmas movies, singing holiday songs, and decorating your house, to name a few. But if you really want to go all out, we suggest taking a look at the following Christmas nail art ideas. Sure, you can show up to all of your Christmas parties wearing an ugly sweater and a Santa hat, but we think you should also accessorize with some festive Christmas nail art.

If the idea of painting your nails with holiday designs sounds daunting, don’t worry. We’ve included lots of designs for all different skill sets. Want to start off small? We suggest bookmarking the candy cane statement nail idea ahead.

If you’re up for a challenge, we’re loving the ugly sweater design. No matter what comfort level you’re at, there’s something in here for you to try. Not to mention, we made sure to include a ton of Yuletide symbols, like decorated Christmas trees, reindeer, lights, and even characters from some of your favorite Christmas cartoons. But before you get started, make sure you stock up on plenty of festive colors—we’ve even added helpful tools and stickers that you can buy right now.

Below are the top 20 Christmas Nails designs that are in-trend

Christmas Nails Colorful Art

Christmas Star Nail Art Make sure the nails are twinkling like Christmas lights. We are a fan of this model because it is easy to pull and has excellent results. nails design by


Snowflake Christmas Nail Art

For easy snowflake nails, use tiny stick-on versions on top of blue and white nail polish. To complete the snowy look, add a glittery statement nail. nails design by @christmas_nails_


Christmas Nail glitter design

The start of Christmas with a mix of light green and bright red colour is an incredible artistic method. Coloured in transparent nail, the free edgeband of nails covered with alternating red and green and the nail plate. nails design by @arachulasnails


Christmas Nail candy nail art

The nail art and the maroon lines worked on the fingers. An imaginative way that displays Holidays and ice on the thumb and ring finger. nails design by @christmas_nails


Christmas Nail sparkle and floral design

Nails with a medium sized, and translucent nail and a free surface, both painted with a mix of gray, green and silver marble. The floral patterns are stamped on the side of the nails in soot black. nails design by @nailsthatmatch


Holiday acrylic Christmas Nail

Nails with a medium-sized, and translucent nail and a free surface, both painted with a mix of gray, green and silver marble. The floral patterns are stamped on the side of the nails in soot black. nails design by @lirys_nails1405


Marbled Christmas Nail Art

It does not all have to be red and green Holiday toe! This matt marbled and black style is ideal for fall. Just use a dotting device for applying a white coat with black nail polish. nails design by @alexlouisenails_


Snow landscape Christmas Nail art

Golden indications on dark plaster colored snowy trees on the clouds, which display in a light turn on the fingers. Low, white drops add to this vision. The nails seem to have a three-dimensional form of the winter trees and snow flags. nails design by @elysian_ln4

Christmas Present Christmas Nail Art

Have this simple nail art to look off your Christmas look with festival stripes and a huge red bow. nails design by @beauty_queen_by_hazel_hobson


Christmas nails, glittering nails

The white curved strip contours that fine design has its nail-free edges painted on them with a glossy deep-green and extensive red color. Fine nail art and the form of nails marvelously accompany each other. nails design by



Winter Christmas nail design

Decorated with a bold red and clear nail paint, the array of naps look lovely. The improvements are sparkling points on the free edge. The nail with the ring finger has a snow flower stamp. Easy but still a lovely surprise! nails design by @nailnoob81


Christmas Nail dazzles

Plum red painted nails with a pair of silver-colored nails or bows served over them. Great color choices and variations transform nail art with a sophisticated look. nails design by @_ar_beauty_



Santa Claus Christmas Nail art

However, it looks like a belt, radiantly bright red color on nail plates with black strips and a silver hook. The nail art makes a look at Santa clause effects, brilliantly painted snow white on a free edge. nails design by @stamp_nail_art


Winter sweater patterned Christmas Nail

Already expecting Christmas cadeaux? Well, for you the nails have done everything. The work of brilliance is displayed in all clasped nails and such adorable designs as bows and ribbons. Nails look like small Christmas gifts. nails design by @manicures.with.the.cured


Christmas Nail snow artwork

Nails filled in calming, dry, tiny snow landscape painting in red nails and snowfall shows us that Christmas is here. nails design by @bcrecolet



Snow time Christmas Nail art

Deep bloody red nails painted shine correct with gold patterns. nails design by @sara_nailspassion

Acrylic Christmas nail design

An ambitious painter in beautiful red and sparkling green mixed with complex golden patterns. The curvy fashion of all three colors portrays an edgy Holiday feel on the nail plate and free top. nails design by @samantalesiak


Christmas and Santa Christmas Nail

Innovation and creativity are all that you need in the field of nail art. A darker shade of green covered with red curved stripes on the free edge. One clock built like the red and white cap of Santa. nails design by @nailskarla13


Christmas Nail snowy nail design

Fully painted in white nail polish and elegant flower patterns that keep Christmas vibes calming. nails design by @thenailbox8


Acrylic Christmas nails

Tiny nails in pacified, white and blue tints look lovely for Christmas. Acrylic Nail Christmas One of the Nail Nails has a partial photo with a tiny snow model and a white eye! nails design by @nailskka




We are all involved in the nail layout and these days it only sparks more exposure to the most stunning and imaginative nail designs ever! Some of them are unusual, some are crazy, but obviously creative, and others are simplistic or eye-catching. Check some of these creations today for all of us and enjoy designing them on your nails.



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