This blog is for every age group female. We have added all the basic casual makeup look which will help you slay at your school, college, and workplace.

We know how irritating it feels to wear heavy makeup daily to your workplace and look like a fool. We can’t bear that irritation.

It’s better to wear no makeup rather than wear lots of makeup.

So, to your rescue, we are here up with a super demanding and trending topic. Check out our stunning casual and natural makeup looks ideas. We are sure you would love these and will have some major options of makeup for daily routine.

Amazing Casual Makeup For Your All Day:

Honestly speaking, ladies love hearing compliments like “oh you look so young” or “it doesn’t look like you are wearing any sort of makeup”. Yes we know crucial all these compliments are for you. so here is the first no makeup or say less natural-looking makeup look.

Make them wonder whether you are wearing makeup or not. 😉

Big hugs to @charliecowap for sharing such a natural looking face makeup.

Super Easy Going-Out Casual Makeup Ideas:

It’s an easy peasy less makeup look. It’s a worth trying makeup idea for casual dates or outing.

There are days when we don’t wanna wear or carry bulky makeup. These sorts of makeup look are perfect for a day outing or just a casual meeting with your friends.

Kudos to @yasmin_makeup_ for sharing this beautiful casual makeup look.

All Day Casual Makeup Look For Office: 

Talk less and let your eyes command more.

Say hey, to this stunning bossy look casual day makeup. This makeup look has a proper blend of attitude with the touch of natural makeup look.

We all know we can’t hit our workplace with a makeup face like as if we are going on a Red carpet event. So this is a perfect makeup look. All the crucial attractive parts of the face been accurately highlighted.

Big thumbs up to the @lealvesmakeup for coming up with such a beautiful look for all the working ladies out there.

Kill Them With Bold Brows Casual Look For Workplace:

What’s better than the casual look where we can toss all our hair in a bun. If you are a female boss or a person with a versatile designation in your organization, then babe this look is going to increase the level of your charm.

Just a little bit of contour with some basic eye makeup and WALLAH Ị you are all set to slay.

Huge shout out to the @serenawylliemakeup for giving us some major casual makeup looks goals.

Super Classy Go-To Casual Makeup For College:

It is a basic natural makeup for your college days. All you need to do is some mesmerizing contour, highlight those jawlines dust some shiny eye-popping highlighter with a little amount of lipstick of nude shade.

It’s a super easy and super prompt college day makeup look. Even your noodles would consume much more time to get cooked as compared to completing this makeup look.

Praises to the @lashmeuppl for sharing such a beautiful and super easy makeup casual look.

Love At First Sight Casual Makeup Looks:

It’s an ‘eyes that talks’ makeup look. The first which stuck my eyes were those lashes which are enough to fall for this look. And yes, let’s not underestimate that pooping highlighter.

With a beautiful shade of pink, this makeup look is looking way too neutral. Surely one will get tons of compliments.

Big applause to the @lashmeuppl for giving us such wonderful casual makeup ideas.

More-Of-A-Drama’ Easy Casual Makeup Look:

Can you see the level of attitude in those eyes? This is what called the power of makeup.

This makeup would be a great pick for big important deal cracking meetings in the office or a petty event in the college or office.

To look great all you need is the skill to apply the makeup.

Big thanks to the @emannaguibs for serving us such beautiful and bold casual makeup idea.

Let Those Eyes Talk’ Casual Makeup For Everyday:

It’s a proper ‘kill them with kindness’ look makeup. The makeup has been blended so well, anyone could fail to judge whether you are wearing makeup or not.

From eyebrows to the jawline everything is on fleek. Loved that shade of the lipstick which is going flawlessly well with the skin type and color.

Also, the fact that the eyes have also been enhanced with the same lip shade. Such small details make the overall look even more beautiful. To add up some sass you can wear some good neck and ears accessories.

Thanks to @lashmeuppl for coming up with such a unique makeup look.

Makeup Ideas Casual Looking Outing Look:

Them basic girls got nothing on you Ị

One should try out this awesome makeup idea. Only the eyes are enhanced with such a simple and basic nude shade.

This would be sure your quick go-to makeup look, which looks so pretty.

Loved that the lipstick is of glass texture so that it could be able to add some glam to your face, and this how the makeup is rationally balanced. You cannot just jump to tons to makeup products and apply them on your face.

Thanks to @ indiaisrich for sharing such a pretty, simple yet rich looking casual makeup idea.

Devil Charm Casual Makeup Ideas For College:

To all the college-going girls out there- hit the college event with some glam Ị

Try out this super quick and easy to do a casual makeup look. You just need to apply some basic makeup as the base.

Add home highlighter to make those cheeks bones pop and then importantly add some drama by applying any red shade to your lips.

So quick, right?

Big praises to the @brownrita for coming up with such a beautiful and charming casual makeup idea.

 All-Time Favorite Casual Makeup For School:

This could be your favorite basic makeup pick if you are a high school girl. One can never go gaudy in the small school events it’s always a good idea to look naturally beautiful in this age and to apply some basic neutral makeup just to boost up your confidence.

This is very basic super easy and natural-looking makeup. Even the lip shade is in such a beautiful shade. just enhance your brows, add some glam to your eyes with mascara, eyeliner and bronze shade eye shadow that’s it you are all set to go.

Love and applause for the @serenawylliemakeup, we loved the makeup look which your shares.

‘It’s All About The Eyes’ Easy Casual Makeup Ideas For Women:

We know not everyone can be a pro when it comes to doing makeup. That’s why it is always preferred to wear something very light and something which you can easily and quickly do with your face, basically, it’s about a natural-looking makeup.

On some occasions, you can hit to the professionals and artists to get your makeup done, but not always darling Ị

This makeup look is just so amazing for all the ladies out there. You simply should know how to apply the fake lashes then just apply some winky liner and eye shadow, that’s it  you are done.

Big hugs and love to the @zeemakeupartist for sharing such pro tips and easy to do makeup look. We just loved it !

Peach Obsessed Natural Looking Casual Makeup Ideas:

If you are a lazy ass, who always feel tired and still wanna look good all the time, then here is a quick and easy makeup look for you.

Simply contour your face nicely, let those jaw lines be on fleek, add some basic peach nude shade eye shadow, apply a good neutral shade lipstick, dust some highlighter and OH LALA !

Love and hugs to the @serenawylliemakeup for coming up with such a simple version of basic and casual makeup look.

Look Heavenly Beautiful Casual Look Makeup Ideas For Girls:

It’s a simple yet so sophisticated casual makeup look. Dedicated to all the young girls out there, who should try to look as natural as they can. This makeup look is very beautiful and quick to be applied. It doesn’t even look like one has applied any sort of makeup. That’s how your skin and face should look like.

It’s a yo-go-girls simple makeup look. Try this out and we are sure that you will be flooded with lots and lots of compliments.

Shout out the @serenawylliemakeup for giving us some serious natural classy makeup goals.

Addicted To Your Lashes’ Natural Makeup Ideas For Young Girls:

It’s just a basic makeup with some serious eye goals looks.

From forehead to the neck like the base of the makeup has been blended so flawlessly that even we need to look twice to say whether it is makeup or no-makeup look.

The plump lips are looking gorgeous with that chic lipstick shade.

Talking about the overall look, this makeup looks will go well on any age group female. Moreover, the eyes have been emphasized to look pretty bold and sassy. You should give a try to this beautiful neutral makeup look.

Thanks to dear @lashmeuppl for coming us with such a beautiful version of the basic makeup.

Easy To Do Casual Makeup Look:

Loving that winged liner with the beautiful touch of shimmery eye makeup.

This makeup look is well balanced. There is no blush, no highlight and no other extra efforts have been used. Just some shimmer with winked eyes and a beautiful shade of nude lipstick and you are all set to hit your workplace.

We love these sorts of makeup looks which are less time consuming and one can easily do that with even using tons of products.

Lets’ cheer up for @suphawit_mu for sharing such a beautiful natural makeup casual look.

No Makeup Casual Look For Working Ladies:

That white liner stroke on the bottom lashes is just the show’s topper thing. What do you say? Loving the beautiful cheeky blush matching and going well with the lip shade and the complexion.

Nothing is off track and every edge of the face looks naturally beautiful.

The lashes are looking beautiful and the brows are well-shaped. A perfect look for a meeting or a lunch date with a friend. You can add some glam to this look by wearing some good boho, or funky jewelry.

We are sure you would look bomb.

Love and hugs to the @tonigigliotti for coming up with such a pretty natural makeup look.

Stunning Liner Love Casual Party Makeup Idea For Ladies:

If you are wondering how to look great at your office party, then here we are to rescue.

Try out this stunning makeup look which will take your less than 15 minutes to get complete.

It will allow your skin to feel free and breathable along with that you would just look good at the party. I mean what else you need? It’s a package look for all the young ladies. Don’t miss out and try is out super soon.

Kudos to @serenawylliemakeup for sharing this amazing casual makeup look.


I hope you loved today’s blog. This was on the special demand of all the young ladies who did not want to spend their hours in sticking between makeup and office.

We are sure you would have got your everyday basic look makeup ideas from our blog.

Tell us through the comment section how much liked today’s blog. We love to read and reply to them.


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